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Essential Oils

Explore the Benefits of Essential Oils 

When you walk into Empowering Hands the first thing you may notice is a light aroma that makes you feel comforted, upon your first deep inhalation your emotions shift. The stress of the day seems lighter and for that moment your worries drift away before we even get the chance to say hello. As you walk into the treatment room, you notice a different aroma in the air. This one is deeper and more grounding. Relaxation begins and you already feel a sense of calm come over your body and your massage hasn't even started yet. That is the power of essential oils.

During the discussion of your needs for the treatment your therapist picks an oil most suitable for you. This oil is used throughout your massage. With a mixture of fractionated coconut oil and the oil blend of choice, your massage feels transformational with every movement and deep breath, whether you need support for muscle aches and soreness or stress relief and time to yourself. It is a remarkable experience.  Now imagine you could have those same experiences in your home. 

Here at Empowering Hands we believe in using only the highest quality of products with our clients. That is why we choose to only use doTERRA essential oils in our practice. doTERRA has proven to be a leader in the essential oils industry and never strays from proper sourcing of essential oils and maintaining the highest standards of purity.  With doTERRA essential oils the benefits of aromatherapy can be delivered to your home and used anytime between your massage appointments. Though we do have a variety of essential oils in our office for purchase we encourage you to visit doTERRA’s website using this link below.

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